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Unleash Nature Inside The Youniverse (U.N.I.T.Y.) is a local Multiplayer played with 4 controllers, each of which the player only uses the Joystick. 

Players are put in an Alien arena as modified animals where they fight each other with laser. 

Any player needs to be the last standing 5 times to win.

This high pace, fast action shooter is perfect for casual local multiplayer with your friends!

This game was created in a Game Jam with these constraints:

Theme : Diversity  //  Non-human  --->  Animals captured by Aliens.

Constraint #1 :  Development in Unity  ---> Developed in Unity with a spice on the title.

Constraint #2 :  Only one input  --- > Every player only has movement with a controller.

The game is easily played with 4 controllers. (Mouse for the menu as for now)

This game was made by JAMKIS - Jean-Francois Morin, André Bray, Marc-Antoine Giguère, Kerry Gougeon, Isaac Doré et Sophie Tetreault.


Windows_64_Unity.zip 179 MB

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