A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

is a short game experience that strives to express that a home is not just a place -- it's a people. 

Paying tribute to the ancestral societies of the north, you play as an Inuit tasked with protecting that which is most precious to them -- their family.

Race against the oncoming blizzard while ensuring that you and you loved ones have the essentials: shelter, food, and warmth.

Partly a time management sim with a light puzzle element added to the mix, HOME is sure to be an frenetic experience that keeps you on your toes. 

Made during the 2019 Global Game Jam whose prompt was:

 "What does home mean to you?"

We also incorporated a few of the event's proposed diversifiers:

- 4'33'' : Your game must draw attention to the natural soundscape of its environment.

- The Ancient Folk : Your game must include ancient traditions and locations of a community.

- Keep it Simple : Make your game playable by people who case use no more than a D-pad plus 2 buttons.

We hope you enjoy the experience we've created.

Thank you!


Joystick/D-Pad : Move/walk 

 A : Interact

B: Drop item

This game was made by JAMKIS 

- Jean-Francois Morin - André Bray - Marc-Antoine Giguère - Kerry Gougeon - Isaac Doré - Sophie Tetreault -


Releases.zip 415 MB
Releases-WIN_MAC.zip 274 MB

Install instructions

1 - Download the .zip

2 - Unzip the file.

3 - Choose the executable depending of your device. (Mac or PC)

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